Hometown of the Qiao Sisters
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There is plenty of historical evidence to prove that Qianshan County is the hometown of the Qiao Sisters. As historian Chen Shou writes in  the biography of Zhou Yu in Chronicles of Three States, Sun Ce achieved a predominant position in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and in the fourth years of the Jian’an Period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, took Wan City with Zhou Yu. They then took two sisters with the surname of Qiao as their respective wives. This  romantic story of the heroes in Wu State taking the two beautiful women of Wan City as brides lead to the Sisters enjoying wide recognition.

Relevant relics still exist in Qianshan County such as Rouge Well and the tomb of Lord Qiao. Rouge Well is located 10 meters southeast of the factory in Wanggang Village, Panpu Town, Qianshan County.


Portraits of the Qiao Sisters


Rouge Well where the Qiao Sisters poured used cosmetics after finishing washing and dressing up.

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