Tianzhu Villa (Forest Hotel)
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AddressBetween Tianzhu Mountain Cableway and Qinglong Pond Cableway (Tianzhu Mountain scenic spot main section)

Website: http://www.etzs.cn/Hotel/

     A subsidiary unit of Tianzhu Mountain Tourism Development Co.,Ltd., Tianzhu Villa is the only state-owned hotel for tourism reception in the Tianzhu Mountain scenic spot. Located at Qinglong Pond, it stands at the crossing of the two circulation roads of East Pass and West Pass. Elevated at 960 meters, the hotel commands geographical convenience and four-season lavish view. Surrounded by water and mountains arranged in a zigzagged but orderly manner, the villa is not only a hotel but also a scenic spot itself.

     There are 98 guest rooms with middle through high end standard, providing good services with reasonable price. The hotel provides two meeting rooms with big and small sizes respectively and one dining hall for 500 people provided with local specialty food with a reputation well known in the tourism industry.

      Cloud Viewing Mansion Cloud Viewing Mansion has 30 three star guest rooms. Qinglong Pond has green water and green pines while the pouring waterfall and flowing spring make a nice view. From the Cinnabar Pavilion one can see the jade belt of the Qian River in the distance and grotesque rocks and peaks of Heaven Frog Peak. See the sunrise in the morning and the glow of sunset in the evening. This is a three star hotel with five star worth of scenic view.

       Qingxue House  Qingxue House(Qingxue means Clear Sky Snow) was renovated as a three star hotel with an investment of 2 Million RMB at the end of 2009. It has now 32 luxurious standard room, 2 king size rooms and 2 suites. Leaning against the Tianzhu Mountain with clear sky snow and viewing grotesque rocks of Flying Peak and ancient soldiers and horses in Cattle Herding City, the house has an affordable price, making it an ideal destination for holiday travel and business purpose.

       Quadrangle leaning against the great peaks of Tianzhu Mountain and Qinglong Pond in the front, the quadrangle is molded after quadrangles in villages in Yunnan Province with red tiles and white walls as well as good ventilation, providing a unfettered chance to get intimate with the breath of the mother nature. A combination of farmhouse appeal with modern amenities such as color TV, individual toilet and affordable price bring different experience to you. There are 80 beds available for your summer stay or accommodation for student internship and sketching.

Tianzhu Villa

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