Buddhist and Buddhist Temple- The Sanzu Temple
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Sanzu temple, which was originally called SanGu temple, is located in the north of wild village 9km away from the western county.

According to the old historical record, both the alchemist white crane and Bao Zhi alchemist wanted to set up Taoist rites here. Then, the emperor Liang Wu Di asked both of them to show out their own magic weapons. The one who won could be able to stay here. Then, the alchemist flew the white crane, while the monk threw his tin stick. At first, the crane flew ahead, but when it was going to land, the sound of the tin stick astonished it. Then, the tin stick landed first while the crane stopped somewhere else. Therefore, Bao Zhi got the right to set temples here. In the 2nd year of Da Tong, it was named ShanGu temple. In the early northern Zhou, the Buddhist Sanzu, cui, secluded this place and formally settled here in the 10th year of the emperor of Sui Dynasty. He later passed his garment to Si Zu, Dao Xin, in the first year of Tang Qianyuan, the emperor Tang Suzong granted the title of “San Zu Shan Gu Buddhist temple of Qian Yuan”. Since the initiation of Bao Zhi, San Zu temple has kept prosperous for almost 1500 years and remained to be the top list among other temples in the whole country.

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